A pope, his flock and sex

Is there a sex problem in the Catholic church? If you are at least 10 years old, you should know the answer to that question.

So the pope has a sex problem on his hands. The next question is, What can he do about it, or what is he going to do about it?

Spiegel Online International just published an article on this subject in which it revealed that The Vatican sent out a survey “to Catholics around the world focusing on attitudes to sex and sexuality.”

That must have been a very interesting survey to carry out. Spiegel Online International got information from 27 German dioceses that took part in the survey. Their article is based on information they received from the dioceses.

In the Spiegel Online International article, the authors noted that church members:

… Expressed how they feel about the strict prohibitions of their faith, on issues ranging from the family to sexual morality. In the coming weeks and months, their responses to the surveys will be processed and analyzed, and in October Pope Francis and bishops from around the world will discuss the results during an extraordinary synod.

The outcome is devastating for the guardians of pure doctrine. Even the reactions of committed Catholics reflect disinterest, enmity and deep displeasure. Many can no longer relate to the old dogmas and feel left alone by the church. Even in conservative Bavaria, 86 percent of Catholics do not believe it is a sin to use the pill or condoms, both condemned by the church.

Pope Francis and sex

You may read the complete article here.

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