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Drink Naples and die: A tale of Italy’s toxic environmental and health scandal

This report I’m about to quote and link to is a compelling story of how large swaths of Southern Italy have become major environmental and health disasters.

If you know Italy, you must be thinking that the Mafia must be involved. If so, you are right, pal. It involve the Mafia, and Italian government officials.

It’s about how deadly environmental wastes were dumped in parts of Italy by the Mafia, who were getting paid to do so by companies, including some in Germany.

It’s a must-read. Here’s an excerpt.

An icon was placed in my hand and a drop of blood was dribbled onto it. Then, the icon was burned and the following was recited: ‘You shall burn like this saint if you betray the brothers or the allies of the Cosa Nostra.

If you head south on the Autostrada del Sole and exit at Casserta, just short of Naples, you will end up where thousands of trucks in past decades dumped their loads of industrial waste — in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.

Of course the influence of the Casalesi clan didn’t — nor does it now — end on Italy’s northern border, Schiavone says, sitting by the fireplace at his villa, adding that he said the same thing to the German federal police who interrogated him in Munich and Rome. “We had one of our men in Germany, who had contacts to politicians there,” said Schiavone. “Through him, among others, came the toxic waste, including nuclear, to the company in Milan.”

You may read the rest here.

Toxic landfills in Italy

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