Saudi Arabia slams Norway’s human rights record

This is not even a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It’s not even close.

But at a time when our leaders can criticize another nation for breaking international law and violating another country’s sovereignty, I guess Saudi Arabia can be bold enough to criticize Norway for human rights violations.

How these guys manage to say these things with a straight face baffles me.

But there you have it. Saudi Arabia is taking Norway to task for the latter’s human rights record. As reported by RT, the attack on Norway’s human rights record was made at a recent session of the United Nations Universal Periodic Review, where the Saudi representative said that criticizing any religion or the Prophet Mohammed should be against the law in Norway.

Three saudi women dressed in their mandated everyday attire.
Women in Saudi Arabia

Now, do you see the problem with that. No other religion is allowed in Saudi Arabia. And that’s separate from how they treat their women and foreigners.

Along the same lines, the North Korean authorities have published a white paper criticising human rights in South Korea. Unbelievable! The North Korean attack was first reported by The Guardian. You may read it here.

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