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Ukraine’s declining population

Ukraine’s population has been shrinking fast — a trend that started long before Russia annexed Crimea in March, and 4 percent of Ukraine’s population with it.

Ukraine’s population declined by 6.3 million people, or 12 percent, between 1990 — the year before it gained independence from the Soviet Union — and 2012, the latest year for which the government has released estimates. And the United Nations projects the trend will continue: In the most likely scenario, Ukraine’s population will dip below 34 million in 2050, or less than two-thirds its population at independence.

Ukraine population decline

Two important things I picked up from this article: Between 2005-2010, all of the countries with the highest total fertility rate are in black Africa, while the countries with the lowest (total fertility rate) are either in Eastern or Western Europe. You may read the rest here.

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